MOZ 101

Learn more about our materials and products.

About Móz Metals

Móz Metals are unique designer metals with over 3000 possible options. Simply choose a material, grain, color, along with protective finish to instantly transform your space. Available by the sheet, or as a finish on our Easy-To-Assemble products, the possibilities are endless.

Step No. 1 – Available Products

Móz Metal panels can be specified as a laminate (available in 48 x 96 and 48 x 120 sheets) or as a finish on any of our ETA (Easy-to-Assemble) Architectural Products.

Step No. 2 – Pick Your Base Material

Available in four base materials: Aluminum, Perforated Aluminum, Laser CutAluminum, Corrugated Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Aluminum sheets contain recycled content and contribute to LEED credits.

Step No. 3 – Pick Your Unique Pattern and Color

Unique pattern and color ways to complement and enhance any environment. We offer 6 collections ranging from solid neutrals to vibrant patterns and textured engraved metal. View our video to take a quick tour of the collections or choose one below.

Step No. 4 – Pick A Grain

Each Móz hand crafted metal panel is unique. Slight shifts in the grain may occur from panel to panel. Hand Crafted Grains are best used for installations where seaming is not important/necessary. For a seamless multiple panel installation choose our Machine Crafted Grains.


Step No. 5 – Pick A Finish

Móz Metals can be manufactured with a variety of protective finish options, allowing for a multitude of application choices.